Silver Cloud Air Company History


Heberger Bau AG invests in a King Air A90, which was deployed immediately for regular traffic between Speyer's home airport and Prague.


The King Air A90 was replaced by the larger version, the King Air A200.


The BFS (business flight service) was launched. This made it possible to offer the aircraft in charter traffic - beyond private applications. For this, a factory new King Air B200 was purchased.

Beginning 1994:

The fleet is being expanded and the company Heberger invests in a new Citation Jet from Cessna, which was picked up from Cessna directly in Wichita. This aircraft is still serving in the fleet of the Silver Cloud Air GmbH to this day and was extensively renovated in 2009 and adapted to the appearance of the other aircraft in the fleet.

End 1994:

A new shareholder will be integrated as an equal partner - turning BFS into today's Silver Cloud Air GmbH.

The new shareholder expanded the fleet of the SCA with the following aircrafts from the Cessna Citation family:


Cessna Citation Jet CJ2


Cessna Citation Jet CJ2


Another new member of the Cessna Citation family - an XLS


Was invested one last time in a factory-new Cessna Citation Sovereign, which the Silver Cloud Air was available from January 2011 in the charter business.

April 2013:

The SCA moves into the premises of the new airfield building of FSL GmbH in Joachim-Becher-Str. 2 in Speyer. In the middle of the year, 66% of the shares went to a new shareholder in the Cologne region; the Managing Director of Music Store GmbH Mr. M. Sauer. In there possession is already a Cessna Citation Jet CJ2 +, which is currently operating from the airport Cologne / Bonn. This aircraft is expected to be added to the Silver Cloud Air fleet by the end of 2013.