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Thank you very much for your charter request. We will contact you as fast as possible.

Your Contact Data: We will soon contact you regarding your charter request.

Thank you very much for your charter request. We will contact you as fast as possible.

Your Contact Data: We will soon contact you regarding your charter request.

Thank you very much for your charter request. We will contact you as fast as possible.

Your Contact Data: We will soon contact you regarding your charter request.

Why Silver Cloud Air?

Safe and flexible

When it comes to business jets, there’s no one better than Silver Cloud Air. We cooperate with over 1,000 airports in Europe and northern Africa, fly when you need us, and ensure the highest safety standards. Your ideal business charter partner, we plan every aspect of your journey from door to door and always guarantee complete discretion. Our staff are available to assist at every stage – from the time you get in touch with us to the actual flight with experienced professional pilots. We are also a popular provider in the field of private jet hire – which costs less than you might think.

Flexibility, 24/7

Like any other company, Silver Cloud Air is bound by legal and technical regulations. Nevertheless, we do everything to organise charter flights to your chosen destination on a private jet at a time that suits you. Our excellent network of airports throughout Europe and northern Africa also allows us to fly to smaller destinations off the beaten track. With this level of flexibility, Silver Cloud Air gets you as close as possible to your destination with no compromise in safety or comfort.

The benefits of taking a business jet with Silver Cloud Air are clear: no need to search for a parking space, no long walks or waiting, and no worries about missing your flight. Our flight check-in and security clearance procedures are completed quickly and simply for individuals and small groups, who then proceed to their private jet standing ready for take-off – even if you’re late, it won’t fly without you.

Getting you swiftly to your destination

Silver Cloud Air offers you exceptional comfort from the moment you arrive at the private terminal: turn off before the main building, drive up to the GENERAL AVIATION (GA) entrance, park, and it’s just a few steps to the terminal. One of our pilots will welcome you personally before accompanying you to your jet waiting for you on the apron.

In the 90 minutes other passengers need to check in before their flights, you’ll already be at your destination. Check-out when you get there is just as fast: your business jet reaches the parking position, you disembark and exit the private terminal – passing by the queues and baggage reclaim area. That’s another hour you’ll have saved.

All options available – you decide what you want

Sometimes business negotiations take longer than expected, sometimes the traffic’s bad. That’s why we work to your schedule, not the other way around. If you’re unable to make your return flight, we’ll be happy to delay it for you. All you need to do is call the office, and we’ll pass on the information to your captain.

Just like on the outbound flight, you save some 90 minutes of your time on your return and, thanks to our flexibility, will never need the overnight stay often required on charter flights. Even several private or business appointments on one day are possible: with us, you can fly to several destinations in a single day to attend three or four appointments in different places. In many cases, the smaller airports we serve are closer to your desired destination – meaning you save even more time.

Our key priorities: safety, security, and discretion

In addition to our thorough security checks, we have another advantage when it comes to safety: we already know who’s on our jets, so passport control and security clearance are handled swiftly. That’s one good reason for managers of major firms to fly only on business jets – sometimes even with bodyguards.

Film, TV, sports, and music stars are also frequent users of private jets. Discretion is part of everything we do, so we can’t tell you who our passengers are – but Silver Cloud Air already looks back on serving hundreds of celebrities and 25 years of accident-free jet aviation. This has earned us a strong reputation for reliability in the industry.

Ready for take-off, whatever the weather

Silver Cloud Air’s Cessna Citation jets fly at an altitude of around 45,000 feet – some 3,000 feet higher than scheduled air traffic. Thanks to our planes’ premium pressurised cabins, you are guaranteed an extremely pleasant experience throughout your charter flight. Flying speeds are about the same as for scheduled aircraft,

and the Silver Cloud Air fleet is equipped for instrument flight and thus almost completely independent of weather conditions. Only in the event of thick fog or heavy storms might it be necessary to wait before boarding or, in extreme cases, reroute to a different airport. It’s also worth noting that, just like on scheduled aircraft, you are free to use your mobile and other electronic devices in flight mode throughout the entire charter flight.

Many destinations and benefits, numerous extras – and less expensive than you think

It may come as a surprise to some, but hiring a private jet from Silver Cloud Air is less expensive than you might expect. To take an example, we can offer a charter return flight from Cologne to London on a business jet from around €5,000, which works out at €720 per person. This includes seven persons and their luggage, as well as all other charges and fees.

Private jets from Silver Cloud Air also serve smaller airports that may be much closer to your destination, thus shortening your journey times. Want to know what else we offer? There’s a large selection of drinks and snacks available from our extensive on-board bar, and we’re always happy to entertain special requests. Even pets are given a warm welcome at Silver Cloud Air – nowhere else can your four-legged friends sit with you in the cabin.

And last but not least, despite our extremely competitive prices, our pilots are of course trained to the highest standards and in compliance with the requirements of Germany’s Civil Aviation Authority and the EASA. All of them are licensed professional and commercial pilots. Internal and external training sessions held several times a year and specific training for our jets ensure a consistently high standard of professional practice.

Silver Cloud Air wishes you a relaxing flight and looks forward to welcoming you on board – FLY your own way!

Rent a private jet and arrive relaxed.

Available 24/7

Get in touch

We’re very clear about what we value on our flights: top safety standards, maximum comfort, and outstanding flexibility. You’re sure to notice this in the advice and care we give all our passengers, from initial contact with our friendly office staff to the flight with our excellently trained crews. You can reach us at any time – and we look forward to hearing from you.

Justine Doumenge

Head of Sales
+44 1708 771 990

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    Quotes from our clients

    „I just wanted to say thank you for today’s flight. I have spoken to the client now they have returned home and they advised me that they thoroughly enjoyed the flight… Many thanks and looking forward to the next one.“

    Nicky T., Oxygen Aviation
    Faro – Gibraltar


    „Everything went well. From my side, you have done a great job so I am sending a big Thank you to the entire team and crew. Excellent customer service 👏  Looking forward to working with you again soon.“

    Aurel M.
    London – Geneva


    „Dear team,
    you have a great aircraft and great crew as well.
    Thank you for your service!“

    Geneva – Riga


    „My passengers had a very good flight with you.
    Thank you for taking so good care of our passengers.
    Until the next one 😊

    Jan R., Aerodynamics NL
    Kos – Amsterdam




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