D-CEHM | Cessna Citation XLS+

max. 7 + 1 Captain + 1 First Officer
max. 3441 km
817 km/h


  • Satellite telephone
  • Conference tables
  • Passanger information system
  • Charging ability for mobile devices
  • Toilet
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • Refreshment bar

Technical Data

  • Crew: 2 professional pilots
  • Passanger seats: 7
  • Cabin length: 18.7 ft
  • Cabin width: 5.4 ft
  • Cabin height: 4.16 ft

All-round comfort with a long range

Up to seven passengers can be comfortably seated on this XLS+. Wide leather seats guarantee enough room in the spacious and air-conditioned cabin – and with a cabin height of 1.73 metres, there’s enough headroom for most passengers. Satellite telephony and conference tables make work a pleasure throughout the flight, which can cover a good 1,800 nautical miles in around four hours. If you depart from our home base in Speyer, this means you could get to the most northerly tip of Norway, to Marrackech, or – heading eastwards – to Moscow. The XLS+ therefore also features a toilet and a large baggage hold. A clear advantage: on the XLS+, an auxiliary power unit enables heating or cooling prior to departure.

D-CEHM | Cessna Citation XLS+

Up to 1,900 nautical miles non-stop

Take a look at this map to see where you can fly to non-stop with Silver Cloud Air – calculated from our base in Speyer. Our CJ1 can fly up to around 1,300 nautical miles without stopping. This allows you to reach all the major airports on the European mainland inside the orange circle. A number of destinations in northern Africa, such as Marrakech, are also within this radius. You can reach further into the continent with a plane such as our CJ2+, which has a range of up to 1,600 nautical miles. Countries such as Iceland can also be reached, as the green circle shows. The XLS and XLS+, which both have a range of up to 1,850 nautical miles (light blue line), and the CJ3 business jet, with a commanding range of up to 1,900 nautical miles, can be used for longer distances. Flying with them, you could travel to the Caspian Sea with Silver Cloud Air.


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Jens Birkle

Jens Birkle

Ground Operations Manager +49 6232 68491 - 0 info@silver-cloud-air.com
Janet Stadler

Janet Stadler

Sales & Flight Support +49 6232 68491 - 0 info@silver-cloud-air.com
Janet Stadler

Janet Stadler

Sales & Flight Support +49 6232 68491 - 0 info@silver-cloud-air.com